Stay away from Kirkland Signature pistachio nuts! In one of the nuts, which you can buy at costco, I found a maggot about the same size as a thumb nail. Not only is this revolting, but if swallowed without being killed they could start a process called myiasis, otherwise known as the eating of human/animal flesh. Please spread the word

absolutely disgusting.  signal boost this one, don’t want anyone getting really sick over this.



as we grow older, we are taught to put homework first, always. we are taught to set aside our interests to complete busy work. we are taught to indulge in time fillers, rather than doing what we really want. and so then, once in a blue moon, when we happen to have a day of no work, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. we forget what it means to be spontaneous; we learn to sit at a desk and focus. and I think that’s a shame